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Quick scams for quick cash
« on: December 09, 2014, 02:08:05 AM »
Short changing scam
This would be a favourite one of mine to do if I wanted beer money for an evening. Depending on how many shops you do it on within the day you could make a decent sum, much more than you would working a 9-5 job, depending on how quick you are you can make more than you do in a day job in just 1 hour. If you have transport and can get around to as many different shops in the area then you'll get much more done. I'd say to stay away from shopping centres and hit up street/local shops; hell supermarkets even.

On with the pros, it's a quick way to make a profit, good introducing scam that gets you active in deceit and involved with people and the risk is extremely low, it's pretty fucking hard to get caught out with this scam and if they catch on you can play dumb, once they've noticed it later and are long gone they've no way of proving they didn't fuck up a transaction with someone else instead of you.

If doing in the supermarket or any shop with multiple checkouts you have the choice of who to do it on. The younger and blacker the better.

This con is all about confusion and getting their numbers muddled up, getting them to do 2 transactions at the same time.

Can be confusing at first so rehearse and know how you're going to do it
Won't be able to do it in the same place again anytime soon, although I'd recommend monthly, but it's entirely up to you, don't take chances if you don't want to, if you feel it'll raise suspicion.

How you could do it:
We'll start with a simple example of using a 20 note and making +10 profit. You can make more than that in just one shop but we'll keep it simple for now and just stick to a +10 profit.

# Ask for change for your 20
# Tell the clerk you actually do have enough change when you put the money into your pocket, act surprised about this and then say you'll have too much so ask for change for a tenner (whilst keeping the other 10 you got in change in your pocket).
# When you give them the "change for a 10" short change her, give them 9 but whilst this is happening take the 10 the clerk gives you, and if they don't notice then bring it up that you think you just gave 9 (five note and 4 in coins)
# Put the other coin to make the 10 back on the counter and then place another 10 (of your own) down and just ask for your 20 back- the catch being that tenner on the desk is the money out of the till

You'll still have the 10 in your pocket from way earlier. Within just 3-5mins max you've just made a +10 profit. You could do much more than this and get atleast a +30 profit. Imagine if you did this to 12 shops.

If you have a 50 get a +25 profit and/or then work up, get more profit quicker with the more money you have on you.

The fake bartender
A little bit harder to do and involves some "roleplay", but all in all still an easy scam to do, must look old enough to actually work behind a bar so keep that in mind. You'll have to look the part in this.

No confusion necessary
Can do it in one bar/pub to make enough money
good experience with social engineering

Can get rumbled easier
Finding gullible customers- can take time up
Most of the time you'll need a uniform (quickest way to get one is through dumpster diving or having a friend who works or worked there, you can make one if you have time to do so and can sow)

How you could do it:
Dress similar to the bartender's uniform (or if you're lucky you might find one by dumpster diving). This works better if it's a double floor pub or bar. Get a few empty pint glasses and maybe a tray to make it look like you work there, go upto some customers and tell them you're running low on change in the tills and ask them if they've got 2 10s for 20 or something like that, start at 2 5s for a 10 is you need to, you'd be surprised how many people just hand their money over to you, maybe even offer a free round of drinks if they could help "us" out, be careful with how many times you do it and don't take too long, then just leave out the side door when you've got enough.

Might have yourself some left over to get a full body massage later tonight too if you do well enough.

Good scam for a beginner.

Letterbox fishing

This is a simple way into either
# Burglary
# Car shopping or car theft

Endless possibilities

Could drop the keys
Might wake someone up
Hard to excuse this kind of behaviour if caught by passers by

How you could do it:
Most houses in the UK have letterboxes on their front doors so this scam is with mainly the Brits in mind. Get a thin rod/bamboo stick with a magnet or hook on it; or even a litter picker, I've known some thieves to use them; poke it through the letterbox and if there's keys in the fruit bowl or on a desk, or a hook then get them off with that, bring it through the letterbox and then open the house or car up with your keys. If you take the car, just take the handbreak off and let it roll out away slowly before turning the ignition on and driving off if you're going to steal the car, if not then just pop the boot, look in there and look everywhere else a thief usually would, keep one door open at all times whilst doing so.
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