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Games People Play / Re: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
« on: December 01, 2014, 04:44:14 AM »
 I played over at a friends house here recently on his new PS4.. Doesnt take long to level up in multiplayer.. go from 1 to 30 in about 5-6 hours.. I like it a lot better than its predecessors. The graphics are great, and I've really taken to most of the maps. I've never been a big CoD fan either.. more of a Halo kinda guy.. but I gotta say, they did good on this one.

Father was a Baptist, Mother was a Pentecostal.. I attended both churches when I was younger, but was never forced to go.. I was aloud to stay home or with my grand parents or attend if I wanted. I went on occasion.. the longest stints were 6 months at the Pentecostal and about 1 full year at the Baptist Church.. only because I missed one Sunday and it took me out of the running for an "attendance pen".. lol.. You got one every few months and I almost had my one year pen.. As bad as it is to say, I didnt return after missing that one Sunday.. lol.

 In time, my father has become a skeptic and near atheist due to continuously finding hardship in his life.. I could almost relate myself. My mothers faith is unwavering, and honestly.. I admire that quality about her. She isn't one of those over bearing christian types but she finds solace in her faith and I think that's just fine. I have found myself contemplating the universe, god, existence, and purpose many times throughout my life. My final conclusion thus far, I do believe in something.. I'm definitely a spiritual person, but you would probably assume I'm an atheist as I question most all religious notions.. especially those that restrict or demand certain things from an individual. That said, I believe in a single all might being (thus far).. I like to think that all the gods of this world are the same and are worshiped differently due to cultural/regional differences in societal progression. I make no clear or defined notions about this god that I believe in, other than god.. or a creator does or did exist.

 Then there are times when I imagine the universe as a living being in itself.. planets and celestial bodies are protons and stars are nucleus.. bound by gravity and magnetic attraction.. what seems vast and limitless possibly.. essentially the molecular scale for a being we comprise yet so large we could never fully fathom.. And perhaps.. within us.. on the same scale is an equally impressive universe unfolding in blissful ignorance  to ourselves.. Who knows.

News of the Sanctuary / Re: Alright, it's too much...
« on: November 30, 2014, 09:00:59 AM »
Do we really want to switch? I might need to put this to a poll.

A poll the result of which you'll actually respect this time?

I wonder why you'd care since you're supposed to have left this place a long time ago. Getting sentimental, Slave?

Go ahead and quote me on that statement.

PS. Take note people, I've asked Arnox whether he'll respect such a poll and he's replied but not answered; that means 'no'.

 Coming from the guy whose evaded countless of my questions.. what a retarded hypocrite. I'll await for your autism laden reply..

 I have no quarrels with the current set-up.. VB has it's definite upsides. I'd say its entirely up to you really. You administrate this place.

... And Rock & Roll / Pink Floyd - The Endless River
« on: November 30, 2014, 08:55:57 AM »
 The latest and final Pink Floyd album that will ever be released. And I'm not even ashamed to admit that while I sit here listening to just the first few songs for the first time.. I've had a tear or two repeatedly try to escape. Perhaps, I should let it. I was a little skeptic since wrights death in 2008, and that.. for the most part, all modern music feels vain, fabricated, and crushingly docile. So far, song 2 and song far are taking me back to a time that has long passed, and making me feel like I just picked up a Pink Floyd album for the first time. It's all music this far in without any singing.. unsure if there will be any vocals. I just had to put this out there while it was fresh. If you havent checked it out, I suggest you do.

Sanctuary Marketplace / Re: Sell Runescape Account - 99 wcing
« on: November 30, 2014, 07:40:12 AM »
ooo 99 woodcutting, i am impress

Bro i could get a bot to get me to 99 wc in less than a fortnight.

Rule of thumb, if you don't want your shit, nobody else is going to want your shit.

Need to sell something of value.  You think junkies are going to the pawn shops like "I got this boss runescape account i want to sell" nah more like they pawn the laptop they was playing runscape on.

 Lmao.. just all of that.

Moving Pictures / Re: The last movie you watched?
« on: November 30, 2014, 07:38:21 AM »
Captain America: The Winter Soilder.. It is my second time watching it as it had been a while. Still a decent flick.. Not my favorite Marvel movie, but certainly not the worst either.

Anime / Re: Nausicaa of the valley of the wind
« on: November 30, 2014, 04:31:04 AM »
I've only watched it once, and it was with my fiance. I really enjoyed the movie, but you took to it like my fiance. I think it's her favorite anime movie of all time too.. well, to date anyways. The voice actors they chose were interesting too.. Patrick Stewart? lol.. You recognize that voice anywhere.. I dont want to detract from the thread though. Excellent movie.. I've actually forgotten a lot of things that happen in it though, but I remember the primary plot details. May have to give it another watch in the near future.

Spurious Generalities / Re: All you guys are Awesome
« on: November 30, 2014, 04:25:33 AM »
That's a heavily generalized statement.. possibly too generalized.

Bitch & Moan / Re: Good thing the website systems are working normally
« on: November 30, 2014, 04:24:30 AM »
Somebody got a bad batch of Cheerios.

I think there was more than piss in them..

Half Baked / Re: Arnox is only 22
« on: November 30, 2014, 04:23:46 AM »
 I was a teen when I dabbled on Totse but I'm in my mid-twenties now.. latter mid-twenties.. Fuck it, I'm 26. But yea, age isn't a sure fire way of gauging maturity.  Many older people never properly dealt with many coming of age situations or assimilated into the adult community. Plenty of younger people are wise beyond their years, some falsely.. some genuinely. Arnox's age isn't even one of the least of my concerns.. it's of no concern. 

That sucks Rusty. RIP Chill Cat.

 I've got two inside cats. Both refugees. One was abandoned as an adult as a pet store.. de-clawed and fixed. He wasnt old when we got him, but he was past that kitten and medium stage. He's my bro.. Only male animal we have, and he was the first of many. Its funny because you'll play with him and he'll reach out with his paws and it feels like a little hand. He can be a little vicious though.. he likes to bite if he get riled up, but he doesnt bring blood or bite super hard.. it'd spook you if you wasn't expecting it. . Other people dont like it though.. the reason he was given away was because he bit a smaller child.. He's just a cat, and he only does it if he's playing or trying to play. Some people try to play ignorant when it comes to animals.

 The second cat we came across got really lucky. We was taking a walk from the place we was renting.. did this regularly.. It was a long little side road that connected back to the main highway on both ends. Anyways, it was a chill place.. plenty of space between houses and a closed down atv shop (big place) at one end. We got walking by, and I being to hear this meowing.. After searching a bit, come to realize someone has thrown a kitten into one of those big dumpsters.. And someone had to put it in there because it was way too small/young to even begin of thinking of jumping.. I jumped in and brought the little thing out.. One side of its face was a little skint up where I assume someone had threw in it there.. she used to wink with that one eye a lot, but she eventually healed and got over it. That's y little lynxy cat now because she looks like a lynx.. even though she's a tabby. Both my cats are.. Shes the more vicious when it comes to playing, but shes acts like a little baby as well.. both are spoiled. The first hated the other when we brought her in, but now they are comrades and regularly sleep side by side..

 Just wanted to say 'respect" OP for bringing in a refugee. Cats are good calming creatures, have personalities of their own, keep mice away, and are definitely entertaining. Hope you enjoy having yours around.

Head Shrinkers / Re: How did your parents screw up?
« on: November 30, 2014, 04:04:25 AM »
Can't say that mine failed me. I grew up in a semi-hostile environment as the rest of my family (and myself on occasion) can be a little high strung. Sure, I was an angsty teenager (or the Hell years, as I now refer to them), and I'm surprised my parents really put up with my shit the way they did. They have always given me good advice and looked out for me... even when I haven't wanted them to. In the right mood, I could probably complain about them in one way or another.. over protective mother, dad probably didnt get to spend as much time teaching me things.. etc.. But, being in my mid-twenties.. I've made up for all of that. I was a mostly self-taught individual for the biggest portion of my life, having browsed the web and learned everything necessary depending  certain situation.  I spend more time with my family now and appreciate them probably more than I ever did in my youth. My father is currently helping me build a small barn, my mom still gives me advice on things I already know about.. I let them help me, because I love them.. not because I always need it (sometimes I do though).. I feel like I've come full circle.. considering my dad was bi-polar and went un-diagnosed for a long time, and my mother was really.. really over protective. I raised hell, did my drugs, and somehow managed to not fuck up my life.. I'm not even sure how sometimes. But.. I'm alive and doing fine, and I'm exceptionally glad to have my family in my life. It's hard for a lot of people to make amends,, It even took me a while. I thought I had burned a lot of bridges, but.. after four years of reconstruction, things are the best that they have ever been. I never much cared or needed my parents respect or confidence, but having made that transition from a kid to an adult.. perspective.. it's constantly changing. Only now I've learned o have the foresight to see things from other peoples eyes.. parents, elders, misguided youths of today, etc.. We're all just people trying to make it.

This. I loved Totse and the ideal, but.. let it die. Destruction brings creation and what not... Times have changed, and old philosophies.. although relevant.. just aren't what they used to be.

Except time doesn't change truth. Nothing changes it.

Except I dont believe in Truth.. Truth is.. a matter of perspective. Truth can be corrupted, altered, disillusioned. The problem with Truth is that it evokes an ideal of absolutism that at times can be manipulated to achieve personal causes of varying morel agendas. The world, life, and universe is a paradox.. organized chaos.. Impossibly possible. But that's just my perspective.. you could have meant something different entirely.

Satyr is right.  The community killed itself by allowing itself to be divided. It's a collective failure, and as such, we don't even deserve to carry on. Whether it's this site or some other, whatever remains of Totse is now doomed.

 This. I loved Totse and the ideal, but.. let it die. Destruction brings creation and what not... Times have changed, and old philosophies.. although relevant.. just aren't what they used to be.

Edit: I've finally figured out what it is exactly that makes this place and some of its members unfathomable to me. And honestly, it's my own ignorance. SN actually cleared it up for me.. I was over at Zoklet since March 09', and then he made his list of those who had came from Zoklet.. the act of the matter is, short of RustyShackleford, 1983, Malice (on occassion) and a few others.. I didn't post a lot in BC or HB.. and as I left drugs behind.. BLTC. I posted mostly in the news areas, MMM, BI, LLR, and ect.. When people started movng form Zoklet to here, I was under the assumption that the people posting here were those who were more like me.. semi-intelligent, and more interested in constructive discussion with a side of bullshitting around on occasion. When Zoklet went down.. people did move here from there.. most of you however, are just not part of the community that I associated with.. Hints, why I probably stick out like a sore thumb here. I'm not even uptight in real life, and when I write on here.. I do feel like the bitchy old hag down the street telling the teenagers to turn their loud music down..

*Sigh*.. I don't even know. It seems that a lot of the people I use to know and respect didnt make the move. Maybe they went elsewhere, maybe they dropped it. To be fair, the ones that are here.. you guys were a major part of the community at Zoklet. I had 1.6k-1.8k posts (somewhere in that region.. ) but many of you have much more.. You knew each other by name.. talked in the irc channel.. I didnt do that shit. I am the odd man out.. That said, this place was supposed to be a new beginning. There were talks of a Totse esque revival.. or.. at the very least.. a refugee camp for the zokleteers... zokletarians? Dont know what was ever decided upon..

 Anyways.. The majority rules doesn't it? I'm trying not to good to off base but... I get it. I'm done bitching. And whether or not I post here regularly.. probably not.. but I'm sure I'll drop in a few days a week and stick to my favored boards. I put my head up and tried to stand out because this board was fresh and new.. I wanted to perhaps, be a more recognizable member of the community.. And, I more/less achieved that.. hehe.. even though maybe not in the light that I had expected. Shit happens.. and I have no regrets. I've been pretty spiteful the past couple of post on here.. I was being retarded.. haha.. probably autistic as you would say.. Eh, see.. even that felt in bad taste.. My moral compass is to ingrained.. Its not from upbringing, or being brought up in some religious cult.. or mental handicap (that I know of.. lol).. It's just who I am..

 In short.. Do as you want.. Bitch.. moan.. complain.. I shouldnt even say that, kinda appears as if I'm acting that you "needed" my permission. I'm not as narcissistic as you may view me... passionate at times when I'm typing about something I feel strongly about.. but eh.. Sorry for being a bitch.. haha.. I admit it. Who knows maybe you guys will come to like me, maybe I'll continue to be a thorn in your side or regular nuisance.. If this place stays around, I want to try and stick around.. I just like to see this place prosper.. Might not even read this.. no skin off my back, I get paid to write 1000 word articles at a time.. nonetheless.. Truce for now. And I hope this place manages to work its shit out. Guess thats all I got.

throwing in some personal assumptions there

pretty much everything you typed is a personal assumption

 I love it that none of you have the balls or aptitude to answer "Why not boycott?"

 Pansies.. lol You should realize that I'm making little bitches of you all.

Edit: I'm off for a few hours though.. probably wont be back for 12 hours or so.. That should give ya plenty of time to evade that simple question further.

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