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... And Rock & Roll / Pink Floyd - The Endless River
« on: November 30, 2014, 08:55:57 AM »
 The latest and final Pink Floyd album that will ever be released. And I'm not even ashamed to admit that while I sit here listening to just the first few songs for the first time.. I've had a tear or two repeatedly try to escape. Perhaps, I should let it. I was a little skeptic since wrights death in 2008, and that.. for the most part, all modern music feels vain, fabricated, and crushingly docile. So far, song 2 and song far are taking me back to a time that has long passed, and making me feel like I just picked up a Pink Floyd album for the first time. It's all music this far in without any singing.. unsure if there will be any vocals. I just had to put this out there while it was fresh. If you havent checked it out, I suggest you do.

Sanctuary Marketplace / FS Runescape Account - 99 wcing
« on: November 25, 2014, 04:47:38 AM »
Trying to put together some money, and I dont have many physical assets I'd really like to part with. Figured I could sell this old account to someone who might be interested. As mentioned, it has 99 woodcutting.. nothing special as far s the bank content.. or atleast.. not that I know of.. just logged on tonight for the first time in over 4-5 years.. Not looking to break anyones bank, but I figured I'd see what someone might offer.. Paypal is preferred. Just message me if interested with what you would offer. Not looking to scam anyone, I havent played it in years and hold no real sentimental value for it.. just private message me if your interested.

News of the World / Ferguson Live Scanner Feed and Facebook Updates
« on: November 25, 2014, 02:17:53 AM »
 So if your bored tonight and have nothing better to do.. Here it is..

and for the scanner feed

 The looting has already started, and shots have already been fired..

Edit: Just hearing over the scanner that groups with guns are located down the street from PD.. crazy. And a bunch of police cars have been supposedly vandalized.. as to be expected. Wonder how far this will go.

Edit:  Here is the St. Louis Scanner.. shots fired and rioting.

Sanctuary Marketplace / WTB Cheap Retro video games
« on: November 23, 2014, 02:52:28 AM »
 Looking for cheap retro video games.. I'm not going to give you ebay prices, I'm not even looking for money games.. just old games to start my collection.. Atari, NES, SNES, and ect.. May even trade some newer titles for older games.. Looking for regular NES controllers or the gun controler for duck hunt. Looking for game boxes as long as they arent completely shredded. Just message me what you have.

Money Money Money... / Thrifting & Flipping
« on: November 22, 2014, 08:47:31 PM »
 There are so many opportunities to make money while thrifting, yard sale hunting, or simply snagging some good deals at your local pawn shops. On top of that, there are many various niche markets that are relatively easy to break into. Antiques, Furniture, Video Games, Books, E-scrapping, etc..

 I personally would stick to one niche and master it. Trying to flip everything you come across as a bargain may work for some, but I feel specialization increases focus and productivity. Within the next two weeks I'm going to try and break into flipping video games. Pawn shops around here sell xbox games for $1 a piece, xbox360 games for $3, and anything old school for a $1 and under.. I've already done plenty of research, getting lists worked up on what to look for and where the money is. i intend on building a collection along the way to either pass on to my children, self enjoyment during winter time, or to possibly sell off in the future. You can find old video games everywhere.. pawn shops, goodwill, flea markets, facebook trade groups, craigslist, ect.

 Then there is furniture.. Especially if you live close to a college town, people move out.. sell furniture for cheap.. people move in, buy it for a decent price. It goes beyond college towns but, just saying. You can find furniture at the goodwill on the regular and flea markets as well. Always the chance to score antiques as well. Bonus points if you can learn enough about sewing to reupholster rough furniture.. If you can learn to do that, you can buy practically anything, pick up some cheap clothe with a nice print and turn some real profits. Only set back, may take a little space.

 Guns. Takes a slightly higher amount of money to get started, and probably some good hunting and bargaining skills to get these at the right price point. But, if you can get the right connections and know how to sell.. you could turn some wide profit margins depending on what you buying.

 Antiques can be found at all the previous mentioned outlets, my only problem with antiques.. Such a wide spectrum to work with there. Not everything old is worth value and unless you can quick access to references or the time to learn your shit.. may be a little hard to break into. That said, it has one of the highest profit margins.. a lot of people who sell old stuff may not know the true value.. I would say choose a niche within this niche, like old toys or old signs.. but then your limited to what you can find in your immediate area (or most likely) and the goods may be there, or they might not.

 E-scrap. You guys know anything about scrapping gold out of electronics or even what to look for. Go to youtube, and look up "scrapping gold fingers".. about all there is to know.. or the most important anyways, there is more gold in some boards though besides the connectors. I think a lb. of these are going for $70-$75.. The best way to do this one if hit up any local bussinesses you have that may be updating systems.. colleges.. just whatever.. and inquire as to whether they have to pay to have their old computer tower/monitors taken off.. sometimes you can luck into a contract where you can take stuff off their hands for free as your going to "recycle them".. Takes some know how.. a solid presence and confidence in how you present yourself.. professionalism and such.. There is also silver, copper, brass , and rare earth metals that can be extracted. I dont recommend you purify the metals unless your up to speed on your chemistry.. otherwise, sell them off to someone else for the purification process on the gold and rare earth metals.

 Baseball cards arent what they used to be, but.. if you know what you look for.. goes for other sports cards as well. Not only that, Magic the Gathering cards is purchased in bulk as discount prices can be lucrative. And I'm learning that.. yu-gi-oh cards are valuable? Who would have known?

 Buying thrifted name brand clothes, shoes, and purses is big business for some folks who can ebay that stuff for some nice bank. Probably the easiest to find and buy at the right price, but its more about a lot of small profit margins unless you find some really damn nice deal.

 Idk just thought I'd throw these out there.. pretty much common sense but in case it hadnt crossed your mind. Here it is..

Gearheads / Transforming a Vue
« on: November 18, 2014, 02:21:54 AM »
 I have access to a 2003 Saturn Vue, and I'm thinking about doing a complete overhaul. I know AWD is nothing like good ole 4x4, but you take what you can get.. It's stock and not in bad shape.. has a leak somewhere, but it doesnt seem to be the sunroof (could be wrong), and the carpet doesnt get wet, but the spare tire compartment fills up given enough rain. Ideally, I want to lay some all terrain tires on her, maybe apply spacers and do a slight cheap lift.. nothing much.. throw on some nerf bars.. a bullbar.. some overtop spotlights.. tear out the shitty carpet and upholstery and adhesively apply some nice vynl so I can just spray it out..

 Only one problem.. I want to do it on the cheap.. so.. I'm going to continue to do some research.. may post some pics when it isn't freezing outside. Anyone else have any experience retrofitting a vehicle into a more robust off-road esque type?


  I really wouldnt be surprised if some of our members are on there.. You hear such similar terms here and there.. I play it from time to time for the community on there.. There are quite a few members, intelligent, fringe-minded, some dabble in drugs, others hack.. it really is a bright lot. And they seem to have this game in common. I suggest anyone give it a try. I've been playing on and off since 2004.. lol.. f anyone does join, put your name up here and I'll holler at ya in game.. maybe even help ya too.

Art & Design / Artist do Realistic Renditions of Pokemon
« on: October 30, 2014, 09:59:11 AM »

 Haha, idk.. thought some people might find this interesting for nostalgia purposes. Personally, Marowak looks badass and Lugia looks like a flimsy anorexic dragon.. Geodude looks.. I dont even know.. weird man.

The Great Outdoors / The Foraging Thread
« on: October 28, 2014, 06:43:02 AM »
 Foraging, an excellent useful and yet profitable skill that requires you to only identify and take what you want/need from nature. As I mentioned over in the Firewood thread, I'm an active forager who has found many ways to benifit and sometimes profit from going out in the woods and retrieving either something I need, or something someone else wants. Here I'll list a few examples of things I've foraged before, what I personally do with it, and then hand it over to you guys..

Foraged Goods

 Fruits and Berries - I specifically forage for Pawpaws and Persimmons when it comes to the fruits of nature. Most people are honestly unaware of both of these, and yet I can walk out into the woods and generally find then within close vicinity. Pawpaws are a soft fragrant fruit with a similar taste and consistency of Bananas. They were favored among Native Americans, and are even collected/harvested during the modern day to help with cancer treatments. They are used to help make stubborn cells more susceptible to chemo therapy, and aid the body in stopping cell mutation.

 Persimmons on the other hand, I'm not nearly as knowledgeable on, other than.. you mustn't eat or process them till they are fully ripe. Doing so otherwise, they act as a powerful laxative when not fully ripe and can cause severe stomach cramping. When ripe, however, they make a great preserve.. My fiance likes to process them into a fruit leather (like a fruit roll up, except natural and organic), and they taste an awful lot like apricots.. It really is delicious. As with most fruits, I'm certain they contain essential vitamins and nutrients.

 As far as berries go, Black Berries are the common sought after berry around here. Although, they can only be harvested during the summer time. This past year was a rough season for black berry pickers. The birds ate just about everything before anyone got a chance to pick. Around here, Black Berries sell for $25 a gallon. People wash them and then sprinkle a little sugar on them before eating, while others bake black berry pies or make Black berry Dumplings (Mmm mmm). I intend to harvest as much as possible next year with the intention of making some black berry wine or dare I say... moonshine. 8)

 Also in this area is opossum grapes.. which are edible, so so I'm lead to believe.. But when I bought my old farmhouse, I later found that there was some old grape vines still a alive from years ago that produces large dark grapes. I'm unsure of the variety, but they are delicious.

Nuts - When it comes to nuts, there is a lot to pick from in the forest. Chestnuts, Hickory Nuts, Walnuts, etc. As for me, I tend to pick up all the Black Walnuts I can in my area. I store then in a dry place in feed sacks to cure for about a year. I have, in the past, used the green husks as a dye for ropes and wood stains. I don't forage a whole lot of nuts for one main reason.. my fiance is allergic to them. Not deathly bad, but bad enough and I dont do anything to infringe upon her health. Needless to say, Walnuts as well as the other nut varieties are often in high demand and easy to sell. Walnuts sell for between $80-$140 a truck load, but that depends on whether they are hulled and how bad the buyer wants to scam people. I trade/sell mine to the Mennonites who use it in their homemade candies and brownies, and usually trade for feed, flour, service work (they are excellent at small engine repair.. chainsaw, weedeater, ect).. all in all, I do pretty well.

 On a side note, I'll throw acorns into this lot as well. As an avid amateur trapper, I use acorns to bait my live squirrel traps (walnuts work too). I dont kill the squirrels.. usually catch and release, or I'll keep them up for a while with intentions of breeding and re-releasing but.. I always let them go. In a SHTF situation, it's comforting to know I could catch some squirrels, and where they come so use to the idea of me releasing them, they make no efforts to not get caught in my traps.

Kindling - I suppose this is only important to people who use firewood as their heating source. As mentioned in the other Firewood thread, I've recently taken to foraging Pine Cones are Kindling/Fire-starter and for profit. I can sell a feed sack full for $5 a sack, and can roughly pick up 6-7 sacks and hour... more possibly if I employ a new method (taking a rake and raking the cones up into a pile vs. constantly bending over to pick up a mess here and a mess there.. which was what I did and still managed 6 sacks in an hour). I've even heard of people using pine needles as part of their kindling, but.. I'll stick to foraging the cones.

 Besides pine cones, I make a habit to use any not rotten dead wood that is easily accessible.. I walk/explore the woods a lot and often I'll find big branches that have broken out of trees, or a tree that's fallen and has stayed leaning against another tree.. so as to not have rotted by laying on the ground. These are perfect examples of the type of firewood I try to claim.. this way I'm not purposely killing a live tree to heat my home. It's a morale sort of thing I suppose.

 Abandoned Animal Habitats - I've found 3 birds nest on the ground in the past 2 days alone.. Two small ones and one medium sized one. People will actually pay decent money for these sort of things as they use sprayed glue and incorporate them into primitive decor or art pieces.. possible other things, idk. I have never sold birds nest though I do know people do buy them. One thing I know for sure people buy is Bee Nests.. I've sold 2 of these in the past, one for $20, and one for $40.. Just be careful to make sure they are inactive.. By nests, I mean the big round grey nests that are often hanging from trees or on the ground. The ones I've found were on the ground, and I only attempted to get them because it was snowing and they were close enough to my house that I could make the run in doors before getting stung to death in a worse case scenario.. both were empty though. People also dip these or apply some sort of polyurethane, and preserve the structure for decor or what have you.

Botanicals - There are tons of Botanicals out there, that is properly foraged, can earn you some pretty nice cash. The ones I primarily go after are Ginseng and Bloodroot. Ginseng will net you anywhere from $150-$300 a lb dried to much more.. depending on whether you sell to someone who resells to the chinese market or you take that upon yourself. Matured and unique root specimens have been known to sell in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in China (specifically, old roots that resemble a human figure). I hunt for ginseng every year and continuously save my dried specimens with the intent of selling all at once here in a few years. Some people will actually take ginseng they find in the wild and transplant it elsewhere closer to home so it can age, seed, and cultivate in a larger patch as a long term investment vehicle. Keep in mind ginseng requires specific growing conditions, but if planted suitably.. well, just Google what an acre of ginseng will net you after 5-6 years..

 As for Bloodroot, it is primarily used as a dye and I sell it to a vendor for $50 a lb. But it is hard as hell to get a pound of it. Besides those main two, I also keep on the look out for Slippery Elm (Tree).. you can shave its bark, grind it into a powder and sell it for a good amount, but its been a few years since I've done this so I can't verify market prices... Hmm.. There's also Rattleweed (Black Cohosh) which is fairly easy to find. And I'm sure there are plenty others, these are just the primarily profitable/useful ones in my area.. to the best of my knowledge.

 Mushrooms - While some areas do have sought after edible mushrooms, the only ones I know are.. well, psychedelic. Liberty Caps and Laughing Gems can be found in season, easily 100ft or so from my house in any direction.. Liberty caps have a unique bell shape with a slight nipple.. brown cap that grows in fields, beside roads, ect.. but I've mainly found them in fields or the yard around my house. Laughing gems are orange, grow in clusters on deadwood and/or tree stumps.. you definitely want to go to multiple lengths to verify these if that's what your looking for.. some poisonous mushrooms that could be mistaken for these out there. I have found these to be very common,but that could be on a county to county basis. DO NOT EAT ANY SHROOMS THAT YOU ARE NOT 100% CERTAIN OF THEIR SPECIES!! Also, is an excellent source for all your shroom hunting needs.

 Woods - Maybe not foraging exactly but thought I'd throw this in there. Sometimes finding large branches of certain wood types can be useful/profitable. Walnut and Persimmon in particular. Persimmon is actually a really hard wood sought after in the making of gold clubs. However, I mainly mean with the intended purpose of making knife handles, tool handles, homemade wooden carpenter mallet, homemade bow, drum sticks, guitar picks, ect..

 I'll revamp and update this more later.. just wanted to get a god foundation down. Not really everything I wanted to put in here, and will clean it up a bit. Suggestions are welcome.. I'd like to compile a collective guide to foraging in the forest and how it can be useful/profitable. Someone out there is bound to find this information either useful, or possibly.. inspiring.

The Great Outdoors / Everything Firewood Discussion
« on: October 28, 2014, 05:47:27 AM »
 Haha, I dont know how modern most of you guys are. I grew up with the finer comforts of a central heating/air system.. but when I came of age, bought a house, and started my homesteading project.. I decided wood heat would be my main source of warmth throughout the winter. And its turned out to be one of the bed decisions I've ever made. My electric bill for this past month was $35.. my parents was $156.. In winter, I've had bills and my family and my fiances family regularly have electric bills of $450-$600.. per month. I've yet to exceed $40 between October and May.. Summer months are usually more expensive for me ($80) because I do run two air conditioners during that time.

 So anyways, I've been busy working my ass off working up sufficient firewood. There is a strong chance that this season will pose a strong/frigid winter. And if nothing else, better safe than sorry. I'm actually trying to get enough put away for this year and next year, with the possibility of selling some on the side for extra money.

 Currently, been cutting a lot of hickory, oak, and pine. I have a giant box elder that was cut last year and seasoned this whole past year to get too.. I tend to aim for a 50/50 split of dry seasoned wood and green wood.. while putting some green wood back to season for next year.

 At the current time, Firewood prices for my locale in KY and about the surrounding 100 miles are ranging from $60 a truckload to $75.. which is expensive.. a good or bad thing depending on whether your doing the buying or selling. A good size tree can often make a whole truck load if not more..

 I split my firewood with a 10lb wood splitting maul.. Been using it since I was 16, and I tell ya.. don't even have to hit the gym, you'll get some pythons for arms just by using that thing. I prefer a heavy maul to an axe because axes get stuck in the wood, dont allow enough force to split some harder woods with one swing, and need sharpened more often.

 A tip for the wood-burners out there.. I usually get duraflame fire starters to save time getting a fire going on those cold morning.. But I've recently started foraging pine cones.  I picked up 6 100lb feed sack full yesterday (size of the sack, not the weight in cones).. I've read a lot about this practice online, and beside having thicker smoke rolling out your chimney, they make for super efficient kindling. And in some areas, I've seen people selling them online for $5 a sack. It took me about an hour to get 6 feed sacks full, so that's about $30 an hour if you can find a big enough supply in the woods somewhere. I'm definitely going to continue foraging and maybe dedicate a whole day to it.. Roughly 8 hours should net me $240, and with my Fiance there picking too, could possible double that amount.. not bad, a possible $500 for one day of picking up pine cones..

 Well I'll leave it at this for now.. Feel free to discuss further.

Note: Let's keep this thread clean, on-topic, intelligent, and without flaming (pun.. and yet serious).. Thanks.

Games People Play / Monster Warlords - App Game
« on: October 24, 2014, 04:01:53 AM »
 This is a crappy little game for IOS. It's nothing special, but I've wasted at least 20 mins a day on it for the past 6 months. People who manage to craft a good account, usually sell it or trade it off. The game makers don't really try to deter such transaction so...

 Main reason why I posted this was this if anyone from Sanctuary felt like joining, I started a guild on there called "N2Sanctuary", specifically for members on here.. You can bullshit, talk about whatever, I honestly dont care.. The only point to the guild is it is a mobile chat board where you can write members of your guild.. or practically.. members on here. And if your actually into playing, you get certain bonuses for having a certain number of members logging on each day that you can claim.. everyone, not just me.. and getting into a populated guild isnt hard, I just did this for shits and giggles really.

 So if you get on there and want to join, in your guild request just say your from Sanctuary and I'll let you in.

Edit: Accidentally posted this inthe wrong section.. Please move to Games People Play. Thanks.


 I dont know, its a bit of a conundrum really. Had I been in that situation, I'm not quite sure what I would have done. On one hand, Wow! What a hell of a majestic creature there.. on the other hand, what a hell of a trophy that would have been.

 I think at the end of the day though, I probably would have presented the same bias a lot of other people are spewing around. I'm not going to bash the kid, good for him. He's always going to have that story (and supposedly, a life size mount) to brag about. I probably wouldn't have shot it.. maybe tried to get some nice pics, but given the rarity and the possibility of breeding those genes to future fawns.. let it continue its life in the wild. If I do hunt, its more for the meat than any real sport. I respect animal life like that of any other other creature/human.. but mans gotta eat as well. It's the people that hunt purely for sport that I cant agree with.

Moving Pictures / Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer
« on: October 23, 2014, 05:51:55 AM »

 In case you haven't seen it, here it is.. I suppose it was leaked yesterday, and instead of crying about it, the studio went ahead and released it by saying "Hydra" had done the uploading. Who knows, who really cares.. But If your into the whole Marvel franchise, this definitely looks like it could be a better flick than the first one.. Don't get me wrong, the first was... "alright". But I think I like the direction their heading in..

Spurious Generalities / Things you miss from Zoklet
« on: October 22, 2014, 07:49:54 AM »
 This really is general for the most part. Let's try not to turn this thread into a debate if possible.. Just keep it short and simple, one or a handful of items you missed and why.

 For me, oddly.. I suppose it's the hazing of Mudfarmers. I've yet to see a "Devotee" get hazed for being such.. I always considered the act a right of passage. Probably surprising given my stance on a few things these past few days. Oh, and the Thanks button.. lol. I was a somebody there <sarcasm>.. Nah, seriously.. I did like the ability to actively show my support of an idea or thread via the thanks Button. It wasn't entirely effective in being the standard for a good poster, was abused and such.. but it was something.

Spurious Generalities / Members of Totse - Where are they now?
« on: October 20, 2014, 11:21:32 AM »
 I only had the pleasure to browse Totse in it's final six months. My time there was ultimately too short lived, and I often wander what it would have been like to had been there for the longer haul. Even though my place in the community wasn't as deeply engraved as founding members or long-term patrons, I'm still around pursuing many of their very same ideas to this day.

 It's been a while since I have even thought of the members of Totse and their original screenames. Some changed, some did not.. A few of the good and/or crazy ones have passed away (a particular comrade whom I remember not making it back from a certain Night Ops trip). But there is still a fair amount of the old crew still around.. not my crew, I was never a full fledged member imo.

 Anyways, I've created this thread with the particular intent of finding one member whose posts and dissertations I really enjoyed reading, and figured it could be a launchpad for other members here to relocate or otherwise find information on some of their favorite posters from the past.

 Without further ado, Does anyone know whatever happened to Meta? I think i last spoke to him briefly on &Z, but even before that it had been years.. Just wasnt sure on what he was into nowadays, or if he was still alive for that matter.

 Edit: Btw probably worth mentioning that I was Strife and Coresant on Totse.. most of my discussion was pertained to the BI section (I was much younger and more radical than my present day self) If I had any rememberable threads from Totse, it was probably something to do with Night Ops, as I used to explore the neighborhood and post my stories when I made it back home.. some of my activities weren't exactly the most legal either. One particular story involved a hypothetical house where a man had passed away about 6 months prior due to an overdose. Since he had no family and a junk yard of wealth to plunder.. this hypothetical house became the inspiration of my many hypothetical works and activities, including experiments with using a drop house for shipping and a deceased persons address for hypothetical mail scams. We were all young once.. lol.. I've moved far and away from my old interest in BI, but someone might remember me. Though I doubt it.. Well that's enough about SWIM. :)

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