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want reality? ill show u reality

everything you know is a lie

take the red pill, and see how far the rabbit hole goes
we live beneath a thin façade that we call "reality" let me pull it back and show you what lies beneath

after reading this thread, nothing will be the same, you can thank me later

welcome to life 2.0

at school you thought they were telling you what was right and good
turns out, they were just selling you something you didnt need

whats the number 1 lie that we are being force fed? that you shouldnt believe? i dont know where to start, pick one

whos pulling the string whos the man behind the mirror? pull the curtain back and see for yourself

truth? i guess its a subjective term

whos to say that insane people are truly insane?

whats your fukcin problem?? asshole retard fuckface

what do you believe in? mankind spent the majority of the 20th century believeing in lies

you laugh at me because im standing in the rain smiling, im just one of the ones who understands what its all about

did i blow your mind yet?


were just a big piece of this cosmic puzzle called life, whats it add uyp to? i guess well see wont we

catch u on the flip side