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Re: Got a whip
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2014, 06:54:28 AM »
Hey man, a car is a car is a car.. lol.. Better than hoofing it. Yea, just be sure to do your general maintenance. Given this cold snap and the begining the the real winter season approaching (err.. already here if you live further north), just make sure you put some anti-freeze in it.. when you go to put oil in, make sure you get the wintergrade.. aint nothing wrong with driving slow if you have bad tires (or even if you have good ones.. a wrecked vehicle is as good as no vehicle.. err.. if its tore up beyond quick repair).. I'm really glad to hear it though man. Been follwoing your progress on getting a job and gettin settled in to a new place..  Hope it keeps up. When something bad does happen, dont let it keep ya down.. Shit happens to all of us, on and off again throughout our entire lives. I only say this, because i just got though a rough spell.. its depressing when your progress slows down, but.. again.. nothing time cant cure.
Fuck yeah man the bus was just depressing and exhausting. Feels like mid winter up here already and it's still only fall. Thanks man I didn't think anyone was actually paying attention to my life and how it's slowly gotten better. I now try to stay as positive as I can. Whenever Im feeling bummed out or can feel it creeping up I think of how lucky I am to have gotten out of the shithole I was in just a few months ago. Oh and even more good news, been clean from dxm for about a month possibly longer. I feel a lot more alive. I stay thankful for everything I have and don't even bother about what others have anymore except for pussy. I'm still lacking in that department haha