Author Topic: What other methods of mass extermination could the Nazis have used on the Jews?  (Read 1951 times)

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That's irrelevant due to the circular logic of discussing something that may have happened; 'more people didn't die because he didn't kill them'. Well, no shit, but that's an alternative reality that never occurred so is therefore invalid as a counter-argument.

But it does back up my actually point that "Stalin was worse then Hitler" due more to circumstance then intent.

Besides, fascist-state mass murders in the 20th century (on a scale of 10,000s upwards) were a singular feature of the Nazi regime, in contrast mass murder appears to have been a modus operandi for numerous communist states. I know which system, i.e. fascist or communist, I'd rather take my chances under under.

This is true, but who I would rather take my chances under would depend on if I was an ethnic minority.
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